Drink music

A project together with Ezio Bosso

The strong bond between music and the wines of Rocche dei Manzoni came about through a special meeting that took place 20 years ago between Rodolfo Migliorini and the musician Ezio Bosso. The friendship that developed over the years from this meeting led to the creation of a unique and unprecedented experience. After embracing Rodolfo's project, Ezio selected a "Symphony for Wine" from among his works: a composition suitable for playing during the wine aging process and acting to influence yeast fermentation in the bottles. The result has been given a special name: Door 185th, a sparkling wine that during its no less than 8 years in the bottle, undergoes exposure to music in a manner that is measured and controlled, both for time and an intensity, in order to optimize yeast activity.

Rodolfo Migliorini was the first - 12 years ago - to conceive of the idea to apply musical vibrations to the aging process of a sparkling wine and, with the data collected during the experiment, it is now possible to say that the music speeds up the activity of the yeasts and results in a better final product.