The origin of the heart of Rocche dei Manzoni’s production

The winery's 50 hectares are mainly planted with vines of Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo and Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes for producing sparkling wine according to the traditional method. The vineyards are all located within the municipality of Monforte and were purchased in the 1970s. The average age of the plants is 35 years. The average altitude is 350 meters above sea level and the Guyot vine training system is used for cultivation. Although the working methods in the vineyard and the production philosophy employed always remains the same, the different composition of the subsoil in the various areas yield wines that can differ greatly from vineyard to another.

Monforte's microclimate is characterized by the high altitude of its hills. Each vineyard has its own configuration and a well-defined character, but the course of these slopes creates channels that convey the air and help the vine grows in a healthy and vigorous manner.

“ I am deeply connected to all my vineyards, it is a great privilege for me to make wine with these grapes ”

Rodolfo Migliorini

I Cru del Barolo

nel comune di Monforte d'Alba

“Vigna d'la Roul” vineyard

Loc. Bricco San Pietro, Monforte d’Alba (15 hectares)

Situated around the winery's business center in the area of Manzoni Soprani, this beautiful vineyard benefits from exposure to the south, southeast, and southwest. The plot of land completely facing southwards is known as the "Vigna d'la Roul" (oak grove vineyard) and is one of the winery's major Barolo producing vineyards. The clayey limestone soil yields wines of great structure and exceptional longevity that are capable of astonishing quality after a long aging period; the young wine comes up with very accentuated and rough tannins and with pungent and persistent aromas.

Coordinates: 44° 34' 50.34'' N - 7° 57' 17.41'' E

Barolo D.O.C.G. Vigna d’la Roul

"Cappella di Santo Stefano" vineyard

Perno, fraz. di Monforte d’Alba (6 hectares)

Benefiting from exposure to the south, southeast, and southwest, the soil of this vineyard consists of deep layers of gray marlstone that is very compact, alternating with sandstone layers embedded in reddish-yellow sand deposits; wine made from its grapes yields exceptional aromas, high varietal concentration and impressive structure yet also exceptional roundness and velvety tannins.

Coordinates: 44° 36' 31.67'' N - 7° 58' 15.66'' E

Barolo D.O.C.G. Vigna Cappella di S. Stefano

"Madonna Assunta La Villa" vineyard

Castelletto fraz. di Monforte d’Alba (10 hectares)

This vineyard benefits from south-south east exposure and a clayey, gray-blue marlstone soil composition. It yields well-structured, full-bodied wines with great color intensity and a fruity bouquet, with hints of spices, red fruits and wild berries. This vineyard produces a "10-year" reserve Barolo. At one time, this vineyard, like that of Santo Stefano, was owned by the Curia and, in fact, there is a magnificent little 16th-century church nestled atop the ridge here that makes the surrounding landscape more fascinating and characteristic.

Coordinates: 44° 36' 08.94'' N - 7° 59' 10.72'' E

Barolo D.O.C.G. Vigna Madonna Assunta

Big 'd Big

Loc. Mosconi, Monforte d’Alba (6 hectares)

Located in the area of Mosconi, this vineyard benefits from exposure to the south and is used only for growing Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo and Barbera. The calcareous-sandy soil yields wines with great structure and exceptional roundness, spicy aromas and great concentration.

Coordinates: 44° 35' 14.15'' N - 7° 58' 56.01'' E

Barolo D.O.C.G. Big ‘d Big

Ciabot d’Agust vineyard

Loc. Ginestra, Monforte d’Alba (7 hectares)

Situated in Ginestra, one of the most famous areas for the production of Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo, this great vineyard benefits from exposure to the south, east-south and west and a clayey limestone soil with marlstone that outlines the character of the wines. Wine made from its grapes yields great longevity, finesse, elegance and cleanness, together with a perfect balance.

44° 35' 47'' N - 7° 59' 25'' E