50 hectares in the Municipality of Monforte

Rocche dei Manzoni was founded by Valentino Migliorini in 1974. The winery is located in the small enclave of Manzoni, in Monforte d'Alba. The buildings that make up the complex fit perfectly into the beautiful hilly landscape of the Langhe. A place where art, culture and music come together and create a unique opportunity to explore the great vintages that the Langhe has to offer.

50 hectares, all located in the municipality of Monforte. An indissoluble link has been formed over time with the hills, and has led the winery to only consider purchasing land within the municipality.

In 1998, the Pianpolvere Soprano wine cellar in the vineyard of Bussia was purchased, and is run as an independent entity. It is a biologically run winery that, starting from harvest 2017, boasts the biodynamical certification too

The production philosophy is based upon a desire to intervene as little as possible in the wine cellar operations. However, this does not mean that they do not have their own style. Rocche dei Manzoni has always been faithful to its core processes and these are based on the use of new small oak barrels for red wines. Over the years Rodolfo has learned how to properly blend wood to wine and this led him to introduce the use of egg-shaped concrete wine tanks in 2008. Thanks to these, the winery has managed to find the keystone to producing wines that are even more elegant and silky smooth.

“People make up the soul of this company”

Rodolfo Migliorini

The Team

The importance of teamwork at Rocche dei Manzoni is underlined by the long-term relationships that employees enjoy with the company. Two glowing examples of this are: Chiara Moscone, an administrative director with the company for 38 years and, Giuseppe Albertino, an enologist employed in the wine cellar for 34 years. Assisted by young, dedicated workers, they are the team that makes up the soul of Rocche dei Manzoni under the watchful eyes of Rodolfo and Roberta Migliorini.

The spaces

Nothing is left to chance. Our facilities are laid out in a clear design that governs their use and all phases of production. Every operation is performed in a specific environment and everything is entrusted to the knowledgeable hands of our in-house staff. As soon as the grapes arrive in the winery, they begin a top-to-bottom journey, starting on the upper floors for crushing, and moving down to the lower floors for aging in wood. 

The most impressive area of the wine cellar is definitely that of the dome frescoed by the painter Guy Rivoir. Here, among marbles, columns and niches vibrate the notes of the Esoconcerto "Allegro molto", a melody composed by Maestro Ezio Bosso, a dear friend of Rodolfo Migliorini.